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Who are we?

SUFYAN MINERAL was started in in 2016 as a trading and logistics company. Since inception, SUFYAN MINERAL has been corporate Member of the Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ICCI). SUFYAN MINERAL is one of the leading companies i.e. (Traders, Importer, Exporter, Logistics, Service Provider) in Pakistan and expanding worldwide. SUFYAN MINERAL has its main office located in Islamabad, Pakistan which is fortunately the capital of Pakistan and best located in the Center of the country. SUFYAN MINERAL moved forward on its program of all-around development with the competitive environment and trends continued along the lines. Presently it offers a unique combination of essential products & services to the market, promote, and facilitate the imports and exports of various Pakistani products including logistics services to their Principals, which includes sourcing of suppliers, arranging meetings, communicating between Buyer/Supplier, negotiating orders, controlling Buyer’s specification, quality within delivery deadlines and logistics arrangements. Despite severe competition in the market speed by all of our Groups’ concerns, SUFYAN MINERAL recorded major sales growth, as all of these are highlighted in company’s review. SUFYAN MINERAL is a dynamic outfit, formed by business professionals in 2016 and started its business from Islamabad, Pakistan and expanded to Sindh, KPK, Baluchistan and Kabul, Afghanistan. Recently we have opened office in Ghana and soon planning to open a branch office in Dubai, UAE. We have already expanded our team and services to achieve new heights, standards and goals. We work hard to satisfy our customers in their demands by putting/utilizing our best strength and resources. we endeavor to provide cost efficient procurement on a larger scale, straight from the source solutions and services in the most demanding environments where lead times and supply locations are challenging

What do we do?

TALC ORE is now available with 86-99% whiteness, SUFYAN MINERAL has progressed to provide its valued customers with a long term consistent supply that can meet their regular industrial demands.

Our High Grade Talc Ore has been acknowledged in the Talc World & is being well received in the World Market for its professional sorting, excellent quality control measures & organized deliveries managed by the Sufyan Mineral Resources Team. Keeping in view our supreme quality, we have succeeded to attract number of EU Industries for its regular supply.

Where are we?

Since we strongly believe that your success is our success, therefore our mission is to create optimum value for all our valued customers and to ensure that our customer demands are met with complete excellence & responsibility.

Sufyan Minerals Resources Company, is based in Islamabad, Pakistan, a well-known capital and closest to the center of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa mineral exploration. The Company was incorporated in 2010 and began trading as a mineral exploration company in 2014. The Executive Chairman and former director of Reflecdea (Private) Ltd, Javed Hussain, is a very accomplished finance professional who has been instrumental in the formation of the company and the acquisition and development of its mineral exploration projects.

The directors of the Company have a wide range of geological and mining expertise combined with business management and financial experience.

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